As i like to say "Welcome to the jugle!"
Needless to say anything else,i'm going to make my first blog post!

Bling-bling for the day!

Today i was feeling hyperactive,and when i do,that usually shows in my fashion choices.


 I loved the combination of edgy and elegant,and the colour,which didn't match was the perfect thing.

 I went for something flashy,which was perfect for my alien hands,and because i love too much accessories!
What to say,that's just me! :)

The bracelets are so dear to my heart,'cause they are a gift from my best friend,and she gave me them on my prom night and that was the sweetest thing.

  • Tiger ring is from a vintage Greek store
  • Smaller ring is from a vintage Slovenian store
  • Gold ring and bracelet are from  New Look
  • Infinity,selifie and BF bracelets are from Accessorize

Love Emma G xoxo :)<3