Mona 25

I am beyond sorry for not posting in almost 10 days,i was so busy but not to busy to visit the Mona 25 Years exhibition. I loved the 90s fashion and trends and some more vintage pieces that were phenomenal, i also think i found my wedding gown but we'll see!  Hope you enjoy it, comment what you think!

This is the dress, i think its the most amazing thing ever! 


Shoes Haul!

I am so happy with my haul and i hope you like it as much as i do! :)

Neon Yellow Shoes are from Nike in model Free 5.0
Turqoise Shoes are from Nike in model Free Run 2
Grey and Neon Are from Nike in model HYPERWORKOUT+
Grey shoes are from Nike in model Nike Air Max 1
Floral print shoes are from Converse in model MariMekko limited edition
Knee high shoes are from Converse


50 Shades of Gray

Today was a lot of fun! In the afternoon i went to a GREAT Renesans concert with my classmates and then with a group of my favorite people i celebrated my birthday,by eating a lot of pizza and drinking all kinds of sodas and eating ice-creams,it was phenomenal! We then decided to take a stroll and we enjoyed the Sun at USCE(Sava and Danube,not the shopping center) and laughed a lot! Our next stop was The Comic-book Festival,where they had an amazing presentation of some of the best works in our country. All in all i had the best time. :)

Jacket is from Nike
Bag is from Nike
Boots from are from Nike
Dress is from H&M